This Project is Alive and Well

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Greetings fans and supporters!

I just wanted to provide an update on the film. After a somewhat extended holiday hiatus, we are up and running again and making progress on the project. In January we did some follow-up filming with Cherie, and we’ll be doing the same next week with Evan. The big news is that after a fair amount of anticipation (and procrastination) we’ve taken the plunge into the monumental and ominous process that is editing. With countless hours of footage and an eight page outline we developed at the outset, we’re now putting together the puzzle pieces that will assemble into the film Driven. Instead, in this case it’s kind of like the puzzle pieces are buried in hours and hours of footage that we must sift through, like needles in a digital haystack… and instead of building a puzzle, its more like sculpting or molding clay into a shape we find appealing… with puzzle pieces poking out of it. And, we can’t actually access the haystack, to search for the pieces, until my three year old son goes to bed. It’s pretty much exactly like that, or something.

Once this initial editing process is complete, we’ll be able to make a list of gaps we need to fill. Once we have that list, we’ll be able to completely panic, remind ourselves how far we’ve come already, regain our composure, and carry on with incrementally greater confidence and determination. By then we’ll be knee deep in developing music… but #@&!, lets not worry about music just yet. One step at a time.

In any case, please rest assured that we are moving forward, and I will try to be much better about posting updates as we continue to make progress. Hopefully next time I’ll have some new screenshots for you or something more fun.

Hope everyone is well, and stay tuned!

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