Evan’s Swim

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Last Friday was touch and go as we prepared to film Evan’s Santa Cruz Island crossing. Last minute film crew boat troubles left us scrambling to find another boat to get us out to the islands to film Evan’s swim. Thanks to Dave S. for coming through for us at the last minute! We left SB Harbor at 7 PM Friday night and began our 4.5 hour crossing to San Pedro Point by sail boat. 15 – 20 knot winds in 3 – 4 foot seas left some of our crew feeling less than chipper as we made our way across the channel. Extra uncertainty was added to the situation not knowing if Evan and his support crew would postpone the swim at the last minute due to the windy conditions. In the end, both boats met at around midnight, and the rest of the filming went without a hitch.

Evan started his swim shortly after midnight. A beautiful sunrise provided a great background and lighting for some fantastic above and under-water shots. Both Evan and his crew struggled until the very end through far from ideal conditions. We followed Evan all the way to the finish as he rode the waves onto the beach, thoroughly exhausted, and setting a new speed record for the Santa Cruz Island Crossing. We want to give a special thank you to Evan and his crew for having us along for his remarkable journey. And an extra special thanks to Alex, my dedicated kayaker, who pulled it all together to get the job done despite some serious sea-sickness!

It was a day to remember…

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